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alright so my brother and I are the same age because we're twins. so the people he knows, I know and he doesn't like this at all, but he has gotten over it. so I may or may not have hooked up with somebody he knew and I KNEW at a party a couple of weeks ago. he wasn't so happy about it and he called me a coward for not telling him so I said it was none of his damn business. and I said some stuff that I probably shouldn't have so I had to clean that up with him. but it's ok not I guess! -versace

Ooohhhh… Zayummm bae! Sibling dramaaaahhh! But its good you two made up though. I wish me and my siblings could forgive each other and put it behind us but we’re too ghetto for that… XD

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hope your day was amazing! sorry I haven't been messaging you lately, some shit hit the fan and I'm trying to clean it up. metaphorically speaking obviously. -versace

It’s fine baeee! TELL ME ABOUT YOUR DAY, LOVE! My day was nerve racking because my Fahrenheit 451 essay was due today… And i still haven’t finished the book and she wants me to turn it tomorrow! If it wasn’t for Google I’d be in some deep shit. Literally in deep shit because my mom is gonna kill me, and bury me in the back yard where the neighborhood cats and the Thompson’s chihuahua feel the need to shit and piss everywhere. #RUDE


I know I’m the last person you want advice from-
But hear me out, I know him better than anyone else.
I know the boy you’ll soon love, better than I know myself.

But it’s been a while since we’ve talked..
And I know that only means one thing,
there’s someone else, so I’m writing this for you.

His favorite color is blue & often, he’ll make you feel that way-
It’s not anything you did..
It’s just.. everything he touches, he breaks-

But my God, his touch will end the wars going on inside you;
And you’ll forget about all the fires he lit in your stomach.

When you go to the store,
get him a Mountain Dew & a Reese’s..
Every single time.

Let him roll the blunts,
I think he likes it because it’s the one time his mind will let him focus on something not so fucking tragic..
something other than me.. or her.

When he talks about me, because he will-
Don’t get upset. Don’t get jealous.

What we had is dead & gone,
but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t still hurt.

Light his Newport & nod at 3 a.m when you’re outside with him,
& stories about us slip from his lips, he’s just reminiscing,
He’s coming back to you, so let him.

I showed him what love is,
he didn’t know what to do with it but he can’t forget,
don’t try to force him, that’s what she did.

The only girl I know for sure he loved, other than me.
You’ll hear about her when he’s angry & drunk.
Words dripping confusion & disgust will fly from his lips,
He’s just venting,
he’ll be okay afterwards, so let him.

She showed him what heartbreak is,
he’ll always try but he can’t forget.
Love him better than she did.

Loving him won’t be easy but he’ll make you feel alive.
When he leaves, you’ll feel like you’re dying.
You’re not.

Don’t be like me. Or her.
Don’t chase him. Let him go.

His mother didn’t raise him to stay,
I know it sounds like a cop out
& it probably is but it’s fucking honest.

He doesn’t know how to stay,
you will not be the one to teach him;

He’ll call you every now & then, don’t answer.
It’ll only make it hurt more.

But in the mean time, take alot of pictures,
because once he’s gone,
that’s all you’ll have to remember him by.

You’ll look at those pictures every night for a month straight,
just to prove to yourself that you aren’t crazy,
that what you two had, happened.

You aren’t crazy.

When he holds your hand, hold his tighter.
When he tells you he doesn’t think he’ll ever get married,
take it personal.
I wished I would’ve.

I’m not bitter, I’m not a crazy ex, I’m not being a bitch-
I’ve been exactly where you are,
And maybe I’d have more of me left,
if someone would’ve told me this.

Let him love you then let him leave you-
don’t complicate it.

You’re welcome.

A letter to his future ex-girlfriend. (via caramelcoatedxxxtacy)