"Dick" a poem

Grier Dick
Carpenter Dick
Espinosa Dick
Dallas Dick
Johnson Dick
Gilinsky Dick
Reynolds Dick
Canniff Dick
Mendes Dick
Rivera Dick
Wilkinson Dick
Maloley Dick
Foushee Dick
Hemmimgs Dick
Clifford Dick
Hood Dick
Irwin Dick
Pottorff Dick
Lawley Dick
Rupp Dick
Caylen Dick
Holland Dick
Mahone Dick
Styles Dick
Horan Dick
Malik Dick
Tomlinson Dick
Payne Dick
And any other dick i failed to mention.
I’ll take one of each please.

I might as well be Shakespeare…
I crack myself up… This is why I have no friends lmaoo

"Stay With Me" Shawn Mendes Part Two

Part 2

Shawn’s POV

After about 10 minutes I go upstairs and Y/N is laying on the bed face down ass up as instructed. She’s rubbing herself whilst gripping the sheets with other hand.
I groan at sight of her fingers runnung through her folds. She stopped.
“I didn’t say stop princess.”
She started again light whimpers escaping her lips.
I pulled my t-shirt off, and unzipped my jeans letting them hit the floor, and stepping out them.
I kneeled her heat, “Stop, I’ll take it from here.”
I slid two fingers in her center and pumped slowly.
“Yea babe?”, I went deeper.
I picked up the pace and arched her and screamed my name making my erection grow harder.
I curled my fingers hitting her g-spot, “Cum for me, princess.”
“Oh, fuck Shawn! Right there!”, she screamed and felt her tighten around my fingers as she hit her climax.
I pulled out and licked my fingers.
“You’ve made a mess, Y/N, you want me to clean you up?”
“Yes…Shawn please.”, she begged aching for my touch.
I brought my mouth to her sensitive clit and flicked my tongue across and then sucked it.
“Ahhh yesss.”
My tongue slid through her velvety soft folds collecting her juices.
When I finished I went to grab a condom out of the bedside drawer.
I ripped on the gold foil and the put the condom on. I got behind Y/N in the bed and teased her slit with my head.
“Just fuck me ,Shawn.”
“As you wish.”, I then thrusted into her and started pounding into her mercilessly.
“Oh god! Shawn, fuck… fuck!”
I tangled my fingers in her hair and pulled her to my chest making me go deeper inside her.
“You feel so good around me.”, I said into her neck while she gripped the headboard with both hands.
I reached around her body and rubbed her clit.
“Shawn I’m c-close.”, she hissed.
“Cum, baby.”
Her walls closed arounds me sending me over the edge, and a slew of and moaned left our mouths as we reached our highs.


Shawn’s POV

I woke to rustling noises and an empty spot beside me. I open my eyes and Y/N was retrieving her things. She was still naked and she looked gorgeous with bed head.

"Morning, sunshine.", she chirped when she caught me staring.

"Good morning." I said rubbing my eyes.

She pulled her Nirvana tee over head,”I guess I’ll just leave you. I hope you work things out with Megan.”

When i heard name thing came back to me. My eyes started to well up.

"Don’t leave, please." I begged. "Not yet."

She climbed back into my bed held me close.

"Just Stay With Me." I whispered.


There’s Part Two of Two…

Hope you enjoyed it.

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"Stay With Me" Shawn Mendes Part One

Smut warning!

Shawn’s POV

I was sitting the bar with my jaw tensed, an unfinished glass of Brandy clutched in one hand, my phone gripped in the the other.
The screen on my iPhone 5s illuminated every time “she” called, every time “she” texted or left a voicemail apologizing for what she did. I know she’s only sorry she got caught. I knew something was up. But she kept saying trust me, and like a dumb ass I did. Then a few hours ago I came home early to suprise her and she was fucking Sammy on the couch. They fessed up and told me they’ve been having sex for 6 months.
The worst part is I was gonna propose tonight we’ve been together for two years. I thought she was the one.
Now, I’m at this bar holding back tears trying to drink the pain away.
A petite long haired brunette strolled over to the bar and sat right beside me. She ordered two shots of tequila and a glass of bourbon, and preceded to play on her phone she while waits.
My phone started going off again. I just stared at it.
“You going to answer that?”, she asked with giggle.
I turn to face her taking in all of her features. She had olive skin and piercing blue eyes.
“Oh… no.” I said.
I hadn’t noticed her order had arrived and she had swallowed down half the bourbon.
“Bad breakup?” she asked.
“You need these more than I do.”, she said pushing the two shots of tequila towards me. “Go ahead.”
I gave her a weak smile and downed two shots with no problem.
“I’m Y/N by the way.”
She put her hand out I shook it,”Shawn Mendes.”
Two and a half hours to go by and we had talked about everhthing under the sun. I had a little buzz going hadn’t planned in getting wasted.
“It’s getting pretty late do you want to come back to my place?”, i asked scratching the back of my neck.
She bit her lip, “Of course.”
The drive was silent as we both knew what was about to happen as soon as we walk through the front door.

"Welcome.", I said opening the door.

"This is nice," she said. "I like it."


"I’m really thirsty." She said.

"What do you want?" I asked.

"You.", she answered eyes hungry and dark with lust.

I smirked and pulled her to me.

“Upstairs, first door to the right. I want you naked, face down on the bed, ass up, and your sweet little cunt dripping.” I whispered.


So… Yepp.
Major feels writing the last paragraph…

Part 2 in about 30 mins.


"Fall For You" Jack Gilinsky

"Why won’t you let me love you, Y/N?", Jack asked.

“Because, Jack, I’ve been hurt so many times by everyone I thought I could trust. I can’t go through that again.”

“I’m not those guys. I will make it my mission to make sure you’re the happiest girl in the world and that you never hurt again. I need you in my life. Nothing else matters to me but you, Y/N. The fam, the money, the cars, the bright lights, the cameras… all lf that stuff is useless if I can’t share it with the love of my life.”, he pleaded holding your hands in his, tears welling up in his brown eyes.

“Will you catch me if I fall for you?” You asked.

A smile spread across his lips, “Of course, but only if you catch me, too because I’ve already fallen.”

You pressed your lips his and he kissed back slighty tugging on your bottom lip.

“I Love You, Jack.”

“I Love You More Than Life Itself.”


Hope you liked it! More stuff coming soon….